Making Healthier Life Choices

Whether you feel fighting fit or have health problems that are difficult to manage, there are things we can all do with our lifestyle to help us be healthier. 

These include:

  • following a healthy diet
  • being more active
  • avoiding smoking and
  • drinking only small amounts of alcohol

If you have a medical condition, the benefits of improving your health can lead to better management of your condition, fewer complications and improved quality of life.  They can even help you live longer.

If you’re not sure how a healthy lifestyle might help, have a look at the "Benefits of Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle".  

Making changes

Making a change is not always easy.  It is normal for people to struggle to change or stick to changes.  You might never have done some of the things before that would help you feel healthier. 

The information available here, which includes downloadable leaflets/worksheets, may help you to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  This can help you to feel healthier.   There is information about specific healthy behaviour change in the Wellbeing and Lifestyle section.

Making changes can involve different steps - "Making Healthier Lifestyle Changes Whatever your Starting Point".   

 Thinking about your values and what matters to you can really help. Doing this means you are clearer about how making changes to your lifestyle can help you live your life as you wish to.  

The Self Help and Coping Tools section has other resources to support you as you think about making a change.  

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My values - how I want to live my life worksheet

Imagine 2 futures worksheet

Pros and Cons of making a change worksheet

Setting goals and planning worksheet

Self esteem

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