ADHD for Children

ADHD for Children

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition - lots of children have it.

Having ADHD can make some things harder.  There are lots of good things about it too!

Children with ADHD are sometimes very active.  It can be really hard to sit still in class.  Moving around and talking lots distracts other children from doing their work.  This can make the teacher and other children cross with you.  Being very active can mean you will be really good at PE as you have lots of energy.

Having ADHD can make it difficult to concentrate on school work - you might be really busy thinking about lots of other exciting things. This means you’ll come up with lots of fantastic ideas!  You’ll need to try really hard to finish your work.

Sometimes children with ADHD are very impulsive.  This means it is difficult for them to stop and think before doing something.  It can be hard to make friends if you are impulsive.  Other children might get annoyed if you butt into games and don’t take turns.

Getting ready for school can be tough for children with ADHD. If you have a busy mind, it’s easy to forget what you are supposed to be doing, and run out of time.  You might get to school and realise you left your homework or PE kit behind.

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